An Ash and an Oak

Although I am not a modern Druid, I feel incredibly drawn to trees. I was teased by the interfaith community back in Chicago, because I could find a metaphor for any concept I was talking about — and it usually would involve a tree.

Slowly I realized that the metaphor I was so constantly turning to as an explanation for my earthy understanding of life and death was, in fact, the Tree of Life…

Imagine the entire universe, all layers of universe, as a tree. Boughs splitting, stretching out, complex and countless. And each leaf on that tree is a sentient being. Each leaf has a particular perspective on the whole from its limited viewpoint, but that does not take away from its being a part of it. Spring is birth, summer is life, autumn is death — beautiful in dying, the leaf floats down to the roots below to begin anew, never leaving the whole.


Giving back:

Plant a Tree USA

Arbor Day Foundation



An oak tree in Wales

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