Wait…another holiday that’s had bits of it transferred to someone else’s? Easter…Ostara… bunnies, eggs, springtime…

This holiday marks the Vernal Equinox, that counter-balance to Mabon, the point at which day and night are equal. It is officially the beginning of spring, but we’ve been anticipating the fresh blossoms and fruits since Imbolc. What began as a little seed of hope at Yule has sprouted and flowered by Ostara; it will continue to flourish until Litha (the Summer Solstice), the longest day of the year. The land around us is officially awake, but before we charge headlong into the activity and effusive energy of the waxing half of the year, we need to pause and appreciate the balance.

And it’s lovely that so many people across faiths are interested in loving spring as well. And it means that looking for decoration ideas and recipes is going to be so much easier. Especially when trying to find eco-friendly ideas, a core value for a nature perspective.

Like this website on an eco-friendly Easter.

Dyeing eggs for Ostara is ethically questionable (earth spiritualist reflection on being vegan, later). Turns out that you can paint wooden eggs instead, and reuse them every year.

Vegan Craft Supplies

If you will be giving gifts, potted plants and gardening kits are natural ideas in tune with spring. In so many ways, this season is about beginnings and embracing the new; how could you inspire someone close to you?

Recipes to celebrate spring:

For some reason this Vegan Omelet recipe (Post Punk Kitchen) made me think of spring. Maybe it was the asparagus.

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