Six frigid weeks of winter separate us from the warm joys of Yule. It might seem like the darkness and cold will last forever, but, maybe before you can even think about a warmer season, it’s time to celebrate the first spring festival — Imbolc. Plants are beginning to think about putting up shoots (and some may have even started pushing through the snow), and it is time to prepare for the year’s work. Spring is for planting seeds, literally, or in the form of new ideas, projects, and dreams. The hope and brightness that began with Yule is quietly growing, and just as we celebrated light at the darkest point of the year, Imbolc is a time to acknowledge and prepare for the coming season.

Traditionally, it is a time to bless the candles to be used throughout the year. Paraffin candles are neither healthy nor eco-friendly; a better alternative is soy, beeswax, or vegetable-based candles.

  • You could try Natural Scents, a soy candle company with whom I am currently in love.
  • Or maybe you want to make your own, which could be a grounding activity for the holiday, especially for a group. Just make sure you get the flakes version of the soy wax.
This is also Brigid’s holiday, the Celtic triple goddess. But this season is associated with the Maiden, new beginnings, etc. as well.
Why not join a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) to kick off the spring season? You would receive a weekly box of local produce, you eco-friendly person you, and be educated in the variety of vegetables/fruit out there. LocalHarvest has a searchable map!
If this is a completely new idea to you, check out Sustainable Table for advice on seasonal shopping, from farmer’s markets to CSAs.

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