June 29, 2012

Vine in the Himalayas

Vine in the Himalayas

June 26, 2012

New Blog! Living Leafwise


I’ve started a new blog in an effort to figure out what on earth I am doing. Plus “earth and ash” feels like an awkward title.

Living Leafwise (www.livingleafwise.com) will expand on my Holidays section from this blog: ideas and inspiration for living in tune with the seasons, grounded in the eight holidays but expanding across the year. 

Feel as if my writing on EarthandAsh can get a bit dense, and I end up not writing as much as I could. Will keep it open.

So please check out Living Leafwise and let me know what you think.

in peace,


June 8, 2012

A Link for You: Organic & Heirloom Seeds (plus advice)

Found this website today while trying to learn about how lentils are grown. [It’s odd how little I know about what I eat, sign of the disconnect between my lifestyle and nature. Working on it.]

Organic and heirloom seeds for sale, plus easily comprehensible growing advice:


February 23, 2012

Water and Sun

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